About Us

At PDX Wearable Health Lab our Mission is to make the Portland, Oregon area a center of excellence in the fast-moving wearable health space.

As a reflection of what we consider to be the “Portland Thing” in our entrepreneurial community, we operate on a short list of shared values:

  • Health is the domain with the greatest potential for improvement through technology
  • We want to make Portland the epicenter for open development tools for wearable health technology
  • Wearable health technology must assist and never exploit the individual
  • Individuals should own, have full access to, and control over their personal health data
  • We want to build an organization that is sustainable and independent
  • We will share all information created following the principles of the open source community

We will create an open platform for inventors of wearable health devices. We will surround this effort with locally-sourced talent that can help in a variety of areas (hardware engineering, programming, industrial design, legal, marketing, etc.) Our initial aim will be to complete a project which will give us visibility, credibility and momentum to build an official organizational structure.


Project: WearDuino
WearDuino is an open platform for innovation in wearable health technology. We want to make it easy for inventors to create amazing health-related wearable devices. WearDuino highlights:

  • Open hardware, firmware, software and physical design
  • Simple: coin-cell battery, Bluetooth low energy wireless
  • Modular: experiment freely with sensor innovations
  • Wearable in multiple body locations with different attachments
  • Smaller, lighter, thinner and 5x less expensive than Apple Watch



To learn more, visit wearduino.org or follow @wearduino on Twitter

Connect With Us

For the latest events and meetings (including lab sessions where we work on WearDuino), check out the PDX Wearable Health Lab Meetup group. Everyone in the Portland-area is welcome to join who is interested.

For offline discussions, we’ve setup the Portland Wearable Health Lab Google Group. If you’re outside of Portland, this might be a good way to keep track of the latest topics we’re talking about.